Yucca Whipplei 'Our Lords Candle' Seeds

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Because of some unique characteristics, this plant is thought by some authors to be forming its own genus, Hesperoyucca. Indeed, it unites some features of Agave, Yucca and Hesperaloe and its flowers, though superficially much like those of other Yucca, are easily set apart on closer inspection. Yucca whipplei forms a stunning, dense rosette of countless, narrow, silvery blue leaves but remains trunkless. Once at flowering size, usually after 4 to 8 years, it spends all its resources to push out an enormous and magnificent inflorescence that can reach more than 5 m (16 ft.) tall. Once fruiting is completed, the plant slowly dies. Native to the mountains of Southern California and northwesternmost Mexico to a stunning 2400 m (7800 ft.), it is hardy to drought as well as severe freezes and does best in a sunny spot on well drained ground.


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    Sow at any time of year.  Sow very thinly on the surface of a moist, free-draining, good seed compost (eg. John Innes) mixed in equal parts with vermiculite/perlite, and barely cover the seed with a very fine sprinkling of sieved compost. Propagate at 18-23C in a propagator, greenhouse or on a windowsill sealed in a polythene bag. Germination should take place in 1-4 months and can be erratic, hence the need to sow thinly so that seedlings can be removed without disturbing the compost too much.

    Growing Instructions: When the seedlings are large enough to handle, pot up individually into small pots (7-9cm) and grow on in well-ventilated, cooler conditions. Overwinter if necessary in a frost free place. When established, gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions before planting out in late spring, 1.2-2m apart, in a sunny position and well-drained soil. If temperatures are likely to drop below -5C, protect with fleece.