Perilla Shiso 'Hojiso' Bi-coloured Leaf Seeds

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Perilla, equally well known as Shiso is used extensively in Japan and all over Asia to season vegetables, rice, soups, fish, etc. The leaves make for exquisite decoration. It is finely sliced with ginger and added to salads, sautéed vegetables, sashimi, tempura and sushi. Shiso has a wonderful complex aroma. The taste is almost always said to be quite hard to describe; the words cinnamon, basil, anise, and citrus pop up in the attempts. The regular Perilla is usually available with either red or green leaves, the red having more of an anise flavour and slightly less spicy than the green variety, which tastes more like cinnamon.

This less typical form of Perilla has beautiful bi-coloured leaves. Sometimes referred to as Perilla 'Britton', or 'Briton' it is called ‘Hojiso’ in Japan. The serrated, red-veined leaves are green on top and deep purple-red on the bottom. The leaves show best colour contrast when grown in temperatures below 29°C (85°F).

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    Sowing; Start the seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last frosts of the season are expected, this is usually March/ April. In hot countries, the hotter the prevailing climate, the earlier it should be sown

    Seeds can be sown directly outdoors or sown indoors in pots or trays. Prepare pots or trays with compost mixed with a little sand, about 10%. Make small shallow holes on top at a comfortable distance from each other and drop two or three seeds in each hole. Cover with a little soil and spread a newspaper sheet over the lot. Keep in shade and keep moist until germination which usually takes 15 to 30 days at temperatures of 22°C (70°F).

    Cultivation; Once the first shoots have come out, take newspaper off and expose to sun all day long. Transplant the Perilla plants outside once temperatures are consistently warm. Perilla prefers a position in full sun. It likes a rich moist soil that is well-drained. Give the herb plants some protection, such as a cloche, until they are growing well.

    Cultivation is very easy, simply water when dry. Water at the base of the stems, not on the leaves, otherwise they will get leaf burn.