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A small, bushy, flowering tree which is native to dry deciduous forests in India and Southeast Asia. It is popular in Asia as a landscaping tree and hedge plant. Sow seeds under glass anytime, sow about 5mm deep and harden off before planting outside.

Pretty Wild Seeds are registered with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) under number 7529, so you can have confidence in both our products and advice. Although our products are listed in weights and acres, we can supply in additional quantities upon enquiry so if you need a larger supply, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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    Fill individual quart-size pots with a mix of equal parts potting soil and seed starting medium. Moisten the soil mix with a spray bottle so the soil is damp to the touch, but not soggy.

    Plant two seeds into the centre of each pot only 1/4-inch deep in spring as the days begin to lengthen. Lightly cover over the seeds with ½- to 1-inch deep of sphagnum peat moss without packing down the moss. Mist the moss on top to moisten it thoroughly.

    Move the pot to a warm, sunny window. Place a clear, plastic bag upside down over the pot to retain moisture in the air around the soil. Leave the seed to germinate over a period of two to three weeks. Spray the soil with a light mist only when it appears dry.

    Remove the bag when your seedling is 2 to 3 inches tall. Water the pot regularly as often as needed to keep the soil damp over a period of four to six weeks until the plant is 1 foot tall.

    Move the crepe myrtle seedling outdoors to a partially sunny area, preferably with afternoon shade. Continue to water and care for the plant in its container until you’re ready to transplant it either in early to midsummer or fall.

    Plant the crepe myrtle into an acidic, well-drained soil where it will be in a partially shaded area of your property. Only plant as deep as it sits in your container. Water the plant vigilantly if transplanted in summer to ensure the seedling doesn’t dry out in the heat of the season.