Japanese Quince Shrub Chaenomeles Japonica Seeds

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A mildly spiny, deciduous shrub with spreading branches that hold small leaves and masses of orange to deep red flowers followed by attractive yellow, plum-sized, aromatic fruits that can be juiced after boiling. Chaenomeles japonica is a popular ornamental for temperate climates. Invaluable for early spring colour when the flowers appear before the leaves, it’s of great benefit to wildlife; birds love the fruit and nest in its dense branches and the nectar rich flowers will attract plenty of bees. 

Perfect for Bonsai, this hardy shrub grows in height up to 1m with a spread of around 2m. Which for it to flower in Spring. 

Pretty Wild Seeds are registered with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) under number 7529, so you can have confidence in both our products and advice. Although our products are listed in weights and acres, we can supply in additional quantities upon enquiry so if you need a larger supply, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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    Growing; Plant in well-drained fertile soil in sun or partial shade. Easily grown in a sunny border or as a wall plant. Open sunny sites produce the best flowers and fruits. The growth habit of Chaenomeles can become a little tangled and untidy, however they do respond well to training and pruning. 

    Wall grown shrubs can be trained to grow much taller and wider than in the open ground, and will benefit from the wall's warmth and protection in winter. They can even be grown on a north-facing wall, where few brightly coloured shrubs will flourish. Although, if you are growing Chaenomeles for its fruit, then it is best to fan-train against a south or west-facing wall or fence. The aromatic quince fruits can be used for making excellent jams and jellies. Wait until the fruit is truly yellow and fairly soft to the touch before harvesting, otherwise it can be quite bitter. 

    Caring; Water thoroughly during dry weather until well established. Mulch with organic matter in spring and apply a general fertilizer suitable for fruiting shrubs. Prune after flowering by removing any straggly, unruly, thin, crowded or weak shoots. Most varieties have thorns, so always wear protective gloves when handling and pruning. 

    Hard regenerative pruning can be carried out if the bush becomes overly-large or too straggly. Unfortunately the majority of autumn fruit will be lost if this is done. So if some fruit is desired, leave a few good flowering stems and remove these the following year. Train wall shrubs by tying the strongest shoots to the wall in a fan-like pattern. Remove any shoots that are growing at right-angles to the wall.