Ipomoea Guamoclit 'Cardinal Vine' seeds

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Ipomoea sloteri is an annual twining vine that was formerly known as Ipomoea x multifida. It is a hybrid between the Cypress-vine (Ipomoea quamoclit) and the related Scarlet morning-glory (Ipomoea coccinea). First produced by L. Sloter in 1908, it took 11 years of crossing to create one successful seed that became the source of all plants. Once it had become fully stabilised after several generations it was given the updated binomial of Ipomoea sloteri.

With the best characteristics of each parent, this very graceful, airy vine is festooned with deep red, pentagon shaped blooms throughout the summer. The deep green leaves have the overall heart shape of Ipomoea coccinea but the divided leaf characteristic of Ipomoea quamoclit. The leaves look like they've been cut with a scalpel and create a beautifully backdrop to the magnificent red blooms. Commonly called the Cardinal Climber, this is a plant that lives up to its name. The plants bloom with trumpet shaped flowers that are a true cardinal red. The flowers appear from mid-summer and continue blooming well into autumn before being killed by the first frosts of winter. An excellent source of nectar, they are attractive to butterflies and in hotter areas, are a favourite of hummingbirds.

This annual twining vine grows 8 to 12ft in length. The plants tend to bend, wind and tangle, so it can be difficult to determine what their actual size is. They are easy to grow from seed, simply space the plants about a foot apart, and provide sun and support. They are a useful and colourful, vertical addition to the garden. Suitable for growing up and over arbors, trellis or an obelisk, they can be useful for covering fences, and posts, and can also be grown in containers.

The plants prefer rich, well drained soils. They tolerate drought, but grow best and produces the most flowers if well-watered. In poor soil add a general purpose fertiliser once a month to provide the fuel they need for their quick growth.

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    Sowing; Soak the seed in warm water for a few hours before sowing, in order to soft the hard coat that protects it. The young plants are frost tender, so sow indoors 4 to 6 weeks before your late frost date, or sow directly outdoors where the plants are to grow once the chance of frost has passed.

    Transplant seedling outdoors after the low temperatures exceed 10°C (50°F). Leaving it this late will ensure good germination.

    Place one large seed in individual small pots of seed compost. Water the pots well after sowing and then wait until the seedlings appear. Watering sparingly afterwards.

    Fleece if a frost or cool night is forecast. The seedlings will appear in about two weeks and quickly grow into young plants. These should not be planted outside until the first half of June, after the cool nights of May have long gone.

    Cultivation; This climber loves neutral to slightly acidic, nutrient rich, well drained soil in full sun. They will grow happily in a container, where they will last for a long time.

    This vine needs a trellis or other structure on which to grow, or provide stout strings to support the vines. They are wonderful twining through other climbers such as roses and clematis on trellis, fences and arch ways.

    Plants grow best in a rich, humus soil that is well-drained. Mix plenty of compost and manure into the planting site. Do not over feed nitrogen rich fertiliser, or you will end up with lots of leaves and vines, but few flowers. If you do feel the need to use fertiliser, begin the season with a high nitrogen formula at the beginning of the season. Switch to a high phosphorous formula prior to the blooming period. The flowers of this fast climber, will bloom all year round, in tropical regions.