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Echinocereus ferreirianus comes from Eastern part of central Baja California and adjacent islands in the Gulf of California (Mexico, Northern America. Its two subspecies differ in range. subsp. ferreirianus is located in the eastern region of central Baja California and adjacent islands of Baja California while subsp. lindsayi is restricted to a region south of Cataviña in central Baja. 

Echinocereus ferreirianus, dark spined, very spiny and beautiful with large pink flower with a red throat, grows on rocky mountains, low hills, slopes, and cliffs. It has been reported from shrub desert in pumice slopes, lava fields and in stony-loamy granite. The only threat is illegal collecting, in specific of the subspecies subsp. lindsayi. Echinocereus ferreirianus has stems 30-40 cm high and about 8 cm in diameter, and almost always 4 central spines.

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    Cultivation; Exposure in full sun, rather high temperatures, poor irrigation (once every 10-15 days): the growing needs of the Echinocereus are similar to the ones of other cacti, this is a family of very undemanding plants.

    With little attention, your Echinocactus will give you great satisfaction.

    The best exposure is usually in full sun, in the open air. Few species prefer places partially sunny.

    Resistance to cold changes a lot depending on the species: those originating in the higher altitudes in fact, have a good resistance to cold (though perfectly dried, they hold temperatures just above 0 ° C), while those from lower altitudes have to remain above 7-8 ° C.

    The watering must be scarce.  It has to be done from March, after the plant buds are already developed, until October. It’s necessary a little wetting every 10-15 days.

    It is recommended to use soil for cacti and the fertilizing has to be more or less scarce according to the species.

    The speed of growth depends greatly on the species and as a consequence the need to repot. You should therefore check the specific needs of your plant and its size.

    Reproduction occurs by seed mainly; in some cases, however, the plant produces pollen that can be used as cuttings easily , with the only care to let the wound dry well (it can be necessary 2-3 days) before planting them in a sandy and moist soil.