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Chewings fescue is an aggressive, bunch-type fine fescue that can overtake other grasses - a bad quality if you want to preserve these but good if you want to crowd out weeds. Because of its high shade tolerance, it is sometimes used to overseed shady lawns, often in mixtures with perennial ryegrass.

The high shoot density and tolerance to close cutting makes the species particularly suitable for golf greens, tees, & fairways. Maintains good colour and a fine appearance throughout the year and requires minimal water and fertiliser with the added bonus of tolerating acidic soils.

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    Habitat; Chewing's fescue is a native subspecies of red fescue that is occasionally identified as growing naturally in open dry grassland. Its current distribution in Britain however owes more to its popularity for sowing as a lawn grass from bowling greens to road verges.

    Growing; Chewing's fescue seed can be sown at any time of the year when soil conditions are suitable.  It can be moderately quick to germinate from sowing, but being a relatively slow-growing grass, the small fine leaved seedlings will take some time to reach full size and cover (as compared with ryegrass for example).

    Chewing's fescue is particularly tolerant of frequent close mowing and responds by producing a fine dense sward. It is the classic grass sown with common bent to create the finest quality bowling greens and ornamental lawns. Fescue turf is however only moderately tolerant of wear and trampling.

    Because Chewing's fescue does not spread by creeping, (like all other red fescues do), it has been assumed that in this respect is it is the least competitive form and so a good choice as a companion grass in wild flower mixtures. The growth rate of Chewing's fescue is similar to that of other red fescues, and any advantage the tufted growth form may impart is offset by the density of its shoot growth.