Canna Indica 'Wild Canna Lily' Seeds

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Canna indica is a superb tall strain perennial with gorgeous foliage and bright vermilion red blooms. Growing to around 150cm (5ft) tall, the wide banana-like leaves add a tropical feel to the garden. The imposing spikes of gladiolus-like flowers sometimes with gold spots or flames in the petals have four large outer petals and a smaller inner petal making the flower around 12 to 15cm (4 or 5in) wide.

Like all Cannas they do best in a rich moist to wet soil, but this variety can also flower in shade, which makes it easier to keep moist. They are ideal to plant at the back of a border where they are in full sun, or to add colour to a partly shady area. They can also be grown in poorly drained areas and in shallow ponds.

Given an early sowing in spring, they will start flowering from June and are quickly clump forming, making 8 or 10 flowering shoots by the end of the first season.

Cannas can’t help but be focal points: a single specimen can anchor a circle bed. Great for every garden and a perfect choice for the exotic garden, the bright blooms begin in midsummer and continue until frost, for year after year of enjoyment.


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    Pre-Treatment; Canna have a very hard seed – hence their common name of Indian Shot. The key to success is to chip or nick the seed-coat to expose the creamy-white inner and to allow water penetration. Without this the seeds may not germinate at all. Use a nail file, sharp craft knife, or a file, (watch out for your fingers!)

    Chipped seeds should then be soaked overnight in tepid water until they swell to around 50% bigger than the dry size.

    Sowing; Sow January to March for summer flowering, or sow in November for May flowering.

    It is best to put each seed in its own pot because the new roots are very fragile and prone to tangling. if you have access to a propagator or heated greenhouse. If you are growing in a warm room, don't sow too early, unless you can provide heat and light to keep the young plants growing nicely through till May, when you will be able to plant outside.

    Seeds can be sown four to a 10cm (4in) pot using normal peat-based compost. Sow 12mm (½in) deep and water well. A temperature of 24 to 27°C (75 to 80°F) is needed for germination. Germination takes 10 to 20 days and if the temperature is maintained and adequate bright light provided, growth of the young plants can be rapid.

    As soon as the plants are about 15cm (6in) high and there is good root-growth, the plants can be potted on into 15cm (6in) pots using compost with a little added well-rotted manure or slow-release fertiliser granules.

    Cannas are very greedy plants and respond well to heavy feeding during the growth period. Fertilise with granular fertiliser and/or with a hose-end sprayer with water soluble fertiliser after plants start to grow and every two weeks thereafter. Put the pots outside after danger of frost (usually first week of May) to allow plants to adjust to the outdoors.